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Carve Architects is one of the best structural engineering consultants and structural designers in Kerala based in Kozhikode constantly pushing boundaries to satisfy clients’ high expectations. With 10 years of experience in this field, we promise to prioritize your needs and demands. As an experienced firm, it is our responsibility to create new design projects through planning, analysis, design, and detailing and ultimately ensuring that you have invested in a sustainable infrastructure with the completion of the project. Our industry expertise aids in the realization of your aesthetic vision, with attention to every detail, while achieving your commercial and operational goals. When it comes to structural design near you, we are one of the top-rated structural design services firms in Kerala.

Our Specialization Areas

We provide a condensed range of structural design services. We can manage high-volume, continuing structural design needs. For the most difficult structural design services, we guarantee quality, cost efficiency, and on-time delivery.

Our structural design team has two main divisions:

1. Concrete Structural Design         2. Steel Structural Design

  • Residential building
  • Commercial building
  • Medical/Hospital Building
  •  Educational Building
  • Assembly Buildings
  • Underground & Overhead water tanks
  • Retaining wall
  • Pre Tensioning & Post Tensioning
  • Flat Slab
  • Pre Engineered Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Industrial Structures

Why Carve Architects for Structural Design services?

Carve Architects entered the structural design services with a bigger vision and a strong desire to provide a full solution to client requirements. Carve Architects has an advantage over the traditional competitors since it has an expert and dedicated team of young and motivated engineers with a great academic record and a strong desire to explore and implement cutting-edge technology tools, as well as seasoned professional associates and consultants. Our structural design brings cost-effective solutions for residential townships, commercial, educational, institutional, and hospital buildings. We are specialized in designing buildings on complicated terrains and our structural design team is skilled in the design of all RCC structures and steel structures. Our efficient structural design services ensure structural stability by keeping the work cost minimum without compromising the quality.

Our Salient Features

Our main challenge as a structural design firm is that we have to create structures that can bear with the exposure to natural elements. Our skill-set to beat this challenge constitutes of the following:

  • We can develop tailor-made concrete structures and steel structures as per your requirements.
  • We keep the calculations needed for loads and stresses in mind and create initial design models using our expertise.
  • The foremost skill possessed by us is the ability to make reports, designs, and sketches.
  • We monitor, inspect, administer and manage the project by closely working with Architects from the planning stage to the completion stage to ensure that the designs are strictly followed.

Structural Design Process

Our detailed structural design involves the determination of the strength and stability of the structure based on the physical requirements of the building. Structures that are safe, sturdy, and long-lasting are essential for any building. We do the structural load calculation by including live load, dead load, wind load, Seismic load, and so on for doing foundation design, retaining wall, roofs, beams, columns, slabs. With sophisticated software platforms and creative development teams, we provide a scope of work for concrete structures and steel structures projects that include structural analysis, design, and detailing.

Servicing you Always…

Carve Architects offer you the bottom line of structural analysis and design of buildings all over Kerala especially in Kozhikode, Malapuram, Kannur, Wayanad. Usually, you search for structural designers near me when you have finalized a drawing of the building or home and once all the approvals are met. If you don’t have a drawing yet follow the link for taking help from our drawing department. Carve Architect services you by taking approvals from the government and local authorities.

Soil Testing from Carve Architects?

Our soil testing services help you to evaluate the geotechnical properties of soil allowing you to:

  • Assess the bearing strength of soil to know whether it can support your structure.
  • Determine the depth at which foundation has to be provided.
  • Select the type of foundation needed for the structure.
  • Know the type of soil on your property and surrounding areas.
  • Acquire the information needed to create technical and safety data reports to support planning permissions and licensing applications.

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Unlimited technical support
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