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Carve Architects is one of Kozhikode’s leading architects, specializing in Kerala-style home design. We are a competent and skilled team of architectural designers and our contemporary designs are much appreciated and are in demand. Our concept of architectural design is not just about structures, but about creating spaces that can meet the needs and demands of people living in them. We want to create a living space where you can live and maintain for future generations.

Carve Architects has a process in place and it strictly adheres to it. Our first step involves understanding the client’s needs and then putting our creative energies together to come up with designs that outline the customer’s dreams and aspirations at every level. As the best architectural design firm, our core aim is customer satisfaction and that is why at each stage of the project, we conduct continuous consultations with the client so that we are on the same page. You know work is great when it inspires a person or a community. Carve Architects, the best architectural design firm in the market is committed to this tenet.

Our Specialization Areas

Our expert professionals have varied experience and are fully equipped to meet the needs and requirements of the clients whatever they may be.

Our expertise includes Architectural design and Consulting for the following:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Medical / Hospital Buildings
  • Assembly Buildings
  • Offices/Business Buildings
  • Mercantile/Commercial Buildings
  • Storage Buildings / Godowns
Dr. Shyam & Family

We assist in the following areas also:

  • Initial Planning
  • Renovation
  • Site Development
  • Valuation
  • Estimation and cost analysis
  • Supervision
  • Project Management

Everyone has their idea for constructing their dream home, and choosing the right architect to assist you in that process is critical. You can receive more than your dream home or residence if you work with competent residential home design architects that advise and assist you to imagine better ways to live your life.

Our team’s extensive experience in educational building design and construction will provide long-term solutions which enhance the learning environment for students, staff, and the community. Carve architects gives design details to serve local communities by providing Healthcare buildings ranging from small specialist offices to massive hospitals, that help thousands of patients every day.

Our Salient Features

Vibrant Team

We have an efficient team of Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, and Site Supervisors that work under the supervision of Project Managers. The benefit of having such a structured hierarchy is that each team’s responsibility is well defined. As a result, the teams can concentrate on their particular tasks and perform to the best of their abilities. Communication between teams is transparent and consistent, avoiding all unnecessary time and effort wasted.

Effective utilization of Resources

Our home design architects create inspiring houses for your needs by combining Beautiful rooms, natural light, and innovative materials. With a creative approach to design, we try to maximize the potential of your ideal home.

Multiple Design Choices

We make certain that you are pleased with the designs we create. Our architects even provide you with a variety of options to pick from. It is easier for us to produce the architectural design services pattern if you tell us about your expectations ahead of time.

Round the Clock Architect Services

We have in-house architects that will work directly with you from the design stage to fully grasp your requirements. They will assist you in making helpful suggestions about the building’s usability and will give you the most suited designs for the purpose.

Innovative Technologies

We are updated on every available technology and use it in the best possible way so that our customers get superlative quality. Carve Architects is also hugely aware of the challenges that may arise during a project, and that is why the architectural designs we create are in tandem with the stipulations and requirements of the environment. Perfection plays a pivotal role in our projects and as a team, we all continuously strive to achieve it.

Space Optimization

A commercial building and a residential building should make the best use of available space. This includes the maximum usage of both horizontal and vertical spaces like the incorporation of mezzanine floors, minimizing the use of the passage, and so forth. Our architect team will assist you in creating ideas that make the best use of your available space. You get the most out of your space and thus your money. In the existing plot, we also try to conserve plants and other natural resources.


Servicing you Always...

Carve Architects mainly focus on Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kannur, and Wayanad. If you are searching for the best architects or architectural design in Kozhikode or architects in Malappuram, or renowned architects in Kannur, or best architects in Kerala, Carve Architects is the place to be. Carve Architects provides the best residential designs in Kozhikode, Kerala, and modern new home designs all over Kerala.

Why Carve Architects for Architectural design services?

  • We have the best experience in designing and constructing Kerala style house design, Contemporary style house design, Colonial-style house designs, Traditional Kerala style house design, Mixed/Fusion style house designs, Eco-friendly houses designs.
  • We complete our work to obtain the best results within the stipulated time.
  • Executing your plans by utilizing maximum land area or space utilization according to the wish of the owner and within your budget without compromising the quality.
  • The importance of low-cost maintenance in our design is critical. Architecture’s production and long-term viability could be guaranteed.
  • We deal with all aspects of architecture from A to Z like initial planning, structural design, obtaining approval from the government and other authorities, supervision and construction.

Special offers for our valuable customers

Free initial site visit
Free 2 updates of the initial 2D drawings
Customization as per needs
Unlimited technical support
Rate and budget optimization
Dr. Shyam & Family
Let’s design together

We don’t just build a home, We build a relationship..

Happy Clients are our best advocates and our most successful sales team..

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